Sprint Retrospective 5

This sprint was productive despite lots of small impediments along the way. My main task was to implement the front end of the checkbox we’ll be using to decide whether a user’s credentials will be stored when they log in. I managed to complete this and submit a pull request which got merged by Wednesday.

Problems building the app stopped me from making much progress in the beginning. At first it would just take a very long time, but after pulling changes, the user settings page I was meant to be modifying wouldn’t show up. I had initially placed the checkbox on the login page, which had been easier and made more sense to me, so I asked AMPATH to deviate from our mockup by switching the location of the checkbox to there and they agreed this seemed like the more intuitive choice. Getting a checkbox in the right place was easy once the app would load. The slightly more complicated part was getting the checkbox to appear only if there was an internet connection, since the option to store credentials shouldn’t be available in the offline state. I used an ngIf directive connected to a boolean value, and had the boolean update based on whether the app was online according to the online tracker service. However, the boolean appeared to be updated after the page’s HTML had already loaded, meaning the boolean was always read as its default false value. The checkbox therefore never appeared and the page didn’t update when the boolean changed. I wasn’t sure how to proceed at first, but I ended up deciding that the code controlling the online tracker dot was close enough to what I needed that I could use similar code to control the checkbox. This worked well enough, though the checkbox will simply disappear from the page if internet connection is lost in its current implementation.

Our team also restructured how we wanted to manage the branches on our repository from now on this sprint. The master branch is now a direct copy of AMPATH’s code. The branch which incorporates all our team’s edits is the offline-login branch. When we want to edit the code in the future, we’ll make our own branch for the change, push, then make a pull request to merge the branch into the offline-login branch. I’d made some edits on the offline-login branch by the time I wanted to push my changes, so I made my own branch and used git reset –hard to change the offline-login branch back to the way it had been in compliance with these new guidelines.

The teamwork keeps getting better in every regard, as with this new policy which will improve our organization and with communication. Team members answer requests for help or feedback quickly, getting back to each other within the day and sometimes within minutes.

Going forward, I want to complete the backend of the checkbox, ensuring that a user’s credentials are stored when it’s checked and that they aren’t when it’s unchecked. Both Luigi and I are assigned to this task. We also want to create documentation of our current offline-login implementation to help the AMPATH team and whoever works on our code next to understand what we’ve done so far. I have hope that we can get a decently functional implementation of the offline login done by the time the course ends.

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